JSong Way S/S 2018

When asked about her inspiration for her new collection, Way Zen, founder of JSong International Inc., began to describe nature. She discussed the importance of environmentally-sound materials and design production, but, most significantly, she spoke of nature’s beauty and how she’s infused it in her designs. Zen’s desire to bring no harm to the planet and create a sense of healing in the clothes that she creates sets her apart from other designers.

The parade of models for her Spring/Summer 2018 collection walked out in vibrant yellows, purples and reds, reminding one of the colorful flowers that bloom in spring. From an elegant yellow dress to a daring red pant and trench coat, the models were able to pull off Zen’s bold color choices effortlessly. As the show progressed, the models exhibited looks with striking prints, embroideries and adventurous silhouettes. They found themselves in beautiful floral-embellished pieces and dark, yet animated, ensembles.

Zen also debuted black and white designs, perfectly illustrating how dynamic she is as a designer. A tuxedo-inspired bra-top and skirt caught the eye of many, while a timeless white lace dress subtly alerted everyone to a new favorite look for the summer. A model flaunted a chic, white off-the-shoulder number, which was Zen’s own take on the modern trend. Throwing some fun designs in, such as a black and white dotted fur jacket and a tasteful multi-patterned dress, highlighted the confident and bubbly mood Zen’s models expressed.

Throughout the intimate gathering, Zen was able to present her multi-faceted collection of bold prints and colors in addition to modern takes on classic black and white looks, which illustrated the diversity of any modern woman’s closet.


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