Tome S/S 2018

Gabriella Bower, Editor-at-Large

Tome’s Spring/Summer 2018 presentation, held at The Kitchen – a performing arts theater in Chelsea – explored the intersection of dance, fashion and of course femininity. This collection was literally and figuratively inspired by NYC based dancer and choreographer Pam Tanowitz. Tome broke from its tradition of presenting the clothes on a runway and instead created an ethereal presentation that juxtaposed models on platforms surrounding a stage for dancers to perform lyrical and modern performances. The dance performance was choreographed by Tanowitz herself and was a focal point for the entirety of Tome’s presentation.  

Just as Tanowitz is known for her deconstruction and reconstruction of classical ballet and dance tropes in a modern way, Tome stated in its presentation handout that designers Ryan Lobo and Ramon Martin deconstructed the rainbow. Every look consisted of at least three colors and featured an article of clothing with perfect pleating. Prints were paramount; the drapery, ties and folds of blouses and tunics were meticulous; and the casting was diverse, as expected from the brand.

Standout ensembles included an off-the-shoulder, rainbow pleated and ruffled mid length dress and a white cotton collared dress draped by a bandeau of the same fabric cinching the chest.  Two piece sets compiled of cotton shirts with similar drapery work in two contrasting prints and complimentary colors also stood out.

Whether on the dance floor or the islands of Greece, the poolsides of the Hamptons or the streets of Milan and Melbourne, Tome’s spring/summer collection will surely been seen on women around the world. Additionally, their dedication to exploring the intersection of various art forms with fashion all while creating clothes for every woman is inspiring.

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