Carmen Marc Valvo S/S 2018

Jessica Chen, Contributing Writer

“This is my endless summer,” announced designer Carmen Marc Valvo, standing amidst the bustle and noise of his Spring/Summer 2018 presentation. And against the stark, white walls of the room, Valvo’s endless summer came  to life – this season’s collection featured dresses of light, airy gossamer and one-piece swimwear, all in prints that mimicked the exotic foliage of a tropical paradise.

Known for his classic, flattering silhouettes, Valvo’s skill displayed itself once more in the sundresses and gowns that effortlessly skimmed to the floor in cascading, ocean-like ruffles and waves. Though it is a spring/summer collection, Valvo chose not to overwhelm his designs with the bright and sometimes loud hues that we associate with the warmer seasons, instead opting to use such colors in conjunction with more muted neutrals. Even the standout piece, a romper in bright, sunny yellow, felt more like an ode to the fading days of summer than it did a direct evocation of the season.

From swimwear to eveningwear to makeup, great care was taken to ensure intricacy of detail – not one aspect was without an artist’s touch. Floral prints looked as though they were painted on with light, careful brushstrokes, and flower appliques adorned sheer fabrics, giving the appearance of the model being draped in a gown of delicate flowers. While many may see the rapidly approaching autumn as cause for mourning, Valvo believes differently.

“Life is too short, it should be a celebration,” Valvo said.

And as the models in their windblown plaits swept their skirts along their platforms, laughing and posing for photographers, it certainly felt like one.

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