Suzanne Rae S/S 2018

Inspired by her wish to create not only practical fashion but art as well, designer Suzanne Rae graced us with a presentation unlike any other. Guests were greeted into the room by red lights hanging from the ceiling, which tinted the entire collection on hangers beneath them. Rae wanted to create a mixture of sensuality and desire with purity and sacredness, something that she displayed with the layout of her presentation.

The clothes themselves were arranged by color and fabric, starting with reds to illustrate desire followed by blues to counter them. Near the end of the line, undergarments in white hung in front of a window. Rae’s explanation for this was that within both the sacred and profane, the desire for both of these is equally good and evil.

Following the theme, there was a booth where, upon entering, you could gaze upon both your own reflection in the mirror and witness the designer dancing behind it, who wore pieces from the collection under a red light. Inspired by herself and her daughter Ella, the mixtures of velvet, knits and organza amongst other materials portrayed a range from the sensual to the sacred.

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