Namilia S/S 2018

Thomas Chou, Deputy Features Editor

Held in Skylight Clarkson Square, Namilia’s Spring/Summer 2018 collection was unabashedly bold and brash, as models strutted down the runway in barely-there, next-to-nothing pieces. Being German, designer-duo Nan Li and Emilia Pfohl’s presented a collection that was not only cheeky in concept, but literally cheeky as well – exposed buttocks seemed to be a signature style element for the collection.

The runway show – set to a theatrical, orchestral arrangement of “Someday My Prince Will Come”, a popular Disney song from the film “Snow White” overlaid with a woman yelling, “I can get d–k anytime I want!” – appeared to be a critique and satire of the objectification of Disney princesses. Many of the designs featured hyper-feminine design elements such as bulbous balls on top of the models’ breasts, or extremely exaggerated hip padding and wide hip cuts in pants. Perhaps the most noticeable design element which recurred throughout the collection was the vaginal motif – from vagina high heels, vagina prints and vagina embroidery, the designs were absolutely vaginal. Even the eye makeup for the models evoked the female organ. Decorative nipple tassels were also utilized with extreme cut-outs to complete the audacious looks.

Notable looks included a unique re-imagining of the tradition Chinese qi pao – a tight body hugging silk one-piece – which was transformed by Namilia by removing the entire chest area of the dress, and instead covering the model in dangling red and pearl-studded nipple tassels. The mandarin collared piece was also covered in the back by what appeared to be a fabric octopus, which hugged the model’s frame. Additionally, the final look was a recreation of a typical Victorian style dress with the exaggerated hip cage, but Namilia’s number’s hip cage spanned the entire width of the runway. Quilted and studded with jewels, each panel featured a fabric vagina as well, creating a never-before-seen look. The collection overall was received positively by attendees – which notably included Brooke Candy, a music artist known for her creative style, and Suede Brooks, a popular YouTuber and model – with laughter and a standing ovation during the final walk. While Namilia’s extremely NSFW looks might not be for the faint-of-heart, the design inspiration and creativity behind the brand’s S/S 2018 collection was absolutely astounding, and received with aplomb.

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