Yuna Yang S/S 2018

Ali Webb, Staff Writer

Yuna Yang’s Spring/Summer 2018 show resembled an exclusive Upper East Side garden party. On a sunny Saturday afternoon, guests arrived at the Mount Vernon Hotel Museum to find greenery, stone paths and live musicians playing Estelle’s “American Boy.” The outdoor venue was a refreshing environment for the busy Manhattan fashion crowd, creating a relaxed vibe.

The collection itself, first shown one-by-one in show format and then presented inside, experimented with sheer fabrics and airy shapes to match the laid-back feel. Florals and shades of green were dominant among the 26 looks, communicating Yang’s “Save the Earth”  theme in a positive, artsy format.

Most looks were easily wearable, complemented by relaxed hairstyles and flats or Doc Martens. Yang created excitement within the fairly everyday looks using fascinating cuts and playful accessorizing. Models also sported sparkly eye makeup by Shiseido to bring an eye-catching touch to an otherwise natural beauty look.

One of the most memorable looks was presented on a blonde-bobbed model towards the show’s end. The ensemble’s centerpiece was a dress with a black bodice and long, sheer skirt with lavender and purple color blocking. This was paired with silver Doc Martens and a white lace bomber, a recurring standout piece in the collection. A black headband with a white netted veil completed the look, which showed a strong point in Yang’s continually-developing aesthetic.

The garden party environment, which drew from its venue’s upper-class hotel history, fit a continuing trend towards dreamy escapism amidst current events. While this may seem out of touch to some, the green-minded inspiration as well as the distribution of Fashion for ACLU ribbons kept progress and activism in mind. Fashion and pop culture are having a vocal year, and Yang’s choices fit right in.

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