Vaishali S S/S 2018

Valerina C. Young, Contributing Writer

Vaishali Shadangule made global headlines for her previous Spring/Summer 2017 collection that featured acid attack victim Reshma Quresh as a model. This season, the Vaishali S Spring/Summer 2018 collection was nothing less than gorgeous and divine. Flowy dresses, gold heels, natural makeup — it was certainly a sight to behold.

Shadangule expressed how a bit of nostalgia can help manifest new creations.

This time I was just looking back on my collection,” Shadangule said. “I think designers always create new collections, but we’ll see the old in it in every time.”

The themes of her S/S 2018 collection focused on a beautiful blend of textiles from different states in India. It showcased a unique harmony of contemporary silhouettes, rooted culture and global appeal. Whereas her previous collection was a gorgeous display of manipulation of various fabrics, this season’s collection additionally incorporated elements from flora.

The opening look was a stunning black contemporary dress that used mesh on the abdomen and skirt. The bodice was decorated with large gold gingko leaves that fanned out around the chest and back. The skirt flowed behind the model, as she strode down the runway to peaceful, percussion heavy music.

For this collection, Vaishali explained that “the idea is leaves, craft and culture”. Her collection was certainly a prominent display of such elements. The designer noted that the colors, natural elements and the textiles themselves were of significance in the collection. A gorgeous array of olives, scarlets, dark blues, black, gold and silvers were exhibited. Models walked in gold heels as the long dresses flowed behind them with every step. The silhouettes were cut to enhance the look of the legs. A loose full body blue dress was decorated by a belt of silver roses at the waist.

The collection was undoubtedly feminine and saccharine.

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