The Runway at Saks 5th Avenue

Caroline Zemsky, Staff Writer

Bright. Flashing. Glamorous. Saks 5th Avenue was throned with flashing lights and dazzling clothing. Sparkling dresses paired with knee high boots, dresses with abdominal cuts, intricate embroidery and elegant shirt dresses made up the Saks 5th Avenue collection. It was exactly what one would expect from a high-end fashion brand — nothing short of extraordinary. Surrounding the store’s windows was a sort of runway itself, with guests walking down and spectators surrounding the area. Each window had a different set of clothing, along with mannequins and models.

Black combinations with colorful embroidery made up the first few windows, with mannequins clad in pink, black and blue work suits. The collection as a whole was overly colorful and shimmering. There were sparkles at every turn, in a truly sophisticated way. Strappy sandals, natural makeup and A-line dresses seemed to prove pretty consistent.

Sleeved dresses, hats and sashes were also quite common throughout the line. The bright colors and twinkling designs were constant throughout — a true wow factor in every possible line of sight.

Models were interactive and smiling upon engagement — flashing their flawless smiles through the windows to the crowds while proudly wearing their fuzzy slippers and long dresses.

The show continued into Saks itself, with an elegant cocktail hour filled with people everywhere.  The collection showed itself not only through the windows and their associated designs, but also through the community it attracted with people walking and glowing through Saks corridors, embellished with bright neon lights and huge, elegant centerpieces.

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