Snow Xue Gao S/S 2018

Julia Fields, Contributing Writer

Snow Xue Gao pulls inspiration from her previous collections in her Spring/Summer 2018 presentation. Her style means business, with various blazer jackets and tweed trousers. However, in her new collection she takes various feminine elements such as pastel pink and flowery patterns to add an air of playfulness to the formal attire. She also imbues a bit of sexiness to the clothes with sheer panels, high cut dresses and exposed shoulders. These elements contradict the high necklines that characterized almost every piece in this particular collection.  The conflicting elements in the individual pieces show their versatility, making them perfect for daytime and nighttime alike.

Gao often takes various patterns or materials and puts them together into a jacket or dress, creating an eclectic and put together look. The space where the presentation occurred was no exception. Exposed beams painted various neon colors with large mirrored pieces hanging from the ceiling made the space look industrial yet whimsical, which again relates to the whole contradiction this designer is known for. Models stood with hair slicked back and minimal makeup aside from uniform colored eyeliner and dots below their eyes. This allowed for nothing to distract the viewer from the clothes themselves.

Gao herself explained how each section of the presentation was made to represent a different feeling. You could tell the difference by looking at the color schemes – either mostly gray, black or pink, or by the color of the model’s eyeliner. How Gao managed to represent three different sides of herself in one cohesive presentation was the most remarkable thing about the collection.

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