Rubin & Chapelle S/S 2018

By Caroline Zemsky, Staff Writer

Inspired by the Dolomites Mountain seen from Austria, the Rubin and Chapelle Spring/Summer 2018 collection beautifully embodied nature and the effortlessness that comes along with it. The pieces were plentiful with imprints and patterns of wildlife, which epitomized the landscape and mountain scenery. Pale pink deer prints, mixtures of greens and striped designs helped to achieve this idea. Sashes were draped over many of the looks for a more sophisticated take on the classic Boy Scout style, which also contributed to the wildlife theme. Ties and stripes were utilized as references to hiking gear, while skirts were mushroom pleated, which showed how every little detail contributed to the completion of the theme of the collection.

Ruched dresses and jackets mimicked the flow of water, and intricate beading on a few of the designs paralleled nature’s elaborate processes. Smooth, silk fabrics were made to conform to the body, but fit in a comfortably easy way. The looser fabrics complimented the bustier and bodycon looks, which were made to fall freely. These differing styles juxtaposed the tightness of some pieces, and in the end created an overall, relaxed look. Basic t-shirt dresses and suit jackets were re-imagined into elegant and chic designs with big, distracting sleeves and snakeskin patterns, and snakeskin booties to match. In summation, the collection perfectly embodied the natural world from the patterns to the accessories, and through the designs reflected this theme.

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