Katie Gallagher S/S 2018

By Mallori Albright, Staff Writer

Designer Katie Gallagher found a secluded studio in the West Village for her dark, enchanted RAIN collection for Spring/Summer 2018. In the 31-year-old designer’s 17th collection, Gallagher used fabrics that are familiar to her past work, such as strips of flowing black and white mesh lace, along with tulle and opaque tights.

In a twist for spring, Gallagher employed little color in the 16 look collection. “Everything is baby blue and black, illuminated by a dull, milky light,” as described by Gallagher in her presentation notes. Due to the minimal use of color, the collection did not immediately come off as “spring”. However, this is Katie Gallagher, whom Vogue writer Emily Farra deems “gothic cool.”

RAIN is Gallagher’s gothic cool interpretation of spring. She translated this concept into a body of work that balanced mystery, femininity and sex appeal. For each look, the models were styled with silvery eyes and cheekbones, pearls, white eyelashes and frosty, pink lips. Two of the outfits were also accompanied by mink sashes, which were an ode to “an icy New York City spring where you still need them,” Gallagher said in a post-show interview.

Despite her affinity for the New York City cold, Gallagher also created pieces that are perfect for summer. Such pieces included sleek black swimwear, tulle hoodies, translucent maxi skirts and bondage bodysuits. Along with cute shoes were Yeezy Season 4-esque sock boots formed by opaque tights worn over high heels.

Despite the incredible fashion, while the presentation was underway, one of the models fainted and fell off the stage while noticeably, most attendees ignored her and focused on the other half of the stage.

It’s 2017. Models are people, and should be treated as such. There should not be a danger of fainting because a model hasn’t had enough water. There has been a history in the fashion industry as models being seen solely as objects, as functional creatures who display the clothes, but it is up to everyone who participates in the fashion industry, designers, agents, writers, photographers, to look out for others even when there are jobs to do and deadlines to meet.

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