Custo Barcelona S/S 2018

Pamela Jew, Deputy Copy Chief

Like an early aughts music video, Custo Barcelona’s Spring/Summer 2018 show titled “Call Me Tomorrow” featured a popping array of vibrant summer colors and holographic meshes for both men and women. Activewear — with roots in the hip-hop and street style movements — played a strong role in the inspiration for the collection.

The women’s collection featured an array of dresses. Many standout dresses were done in flowing fringe and paired with an embroidered bomber jacket. Other dresses were made up of a holographic mesh with intricate embroidering to add to the thin, translucent fabric. The men’s collection mainly consisted of bomber and jogger combos, borrowing the same holographic mesh fabrics from the women’s collection.

Custo Barcelona aimed to blur the line between feminine and masculine fashion by showing the two gendered styles complementary to one another and worn by either gender. Women were seen in glittering pantsuits and men dressed up in embroidered bombers.

The final look stole the show with its turquoise fringe coat shaking about and the collar and zipper lined with chunky neon jewels atop a silver ribbon. Custo Barcelona’s S/S 2018 collection — with over 40 looks — is sure to meet the likes of any fashionista whether it be in the dresses or jackets.

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