Cindy Monteiro S/S 2018

Amelia McBain, Contributing Writer

In Cindy Monteiro’s Spring/Summer 2018 collection — her first-ever show at New York Fashion Week — the Cape Verdean designer paired a range of bold, geometrically cut garments in neutral colors with stunning pops of detail.

Monteiro seems to be a fan of the simple backdrop – the space itself was a picture of modernism with all concrete, wood and white light. Furthermore, the makeup was bare and natural. Her designs dabbled in the limited color palette of white, black and tan. However, that is not to say her designs were simple — on top of this minimalism, Monteiro employed large, sharp shoulder pads, geometric cut-outs, ties, bows, peplums and flares to create interesting lines. Her eye for detail, however, are what made the collection. The little sea shells, circles of wood, pieces of gold and embroidered green leaves that studded her garments added interest and a uniqueness to her designs.

One of the stand-out pieces from the show was a long, sleeveless, high-necked white dress. The tan, burlap-like fabric was sewn onto the top of the right side of the dress and left to flutter around the white skirt like a collar. Accompanied by dots of gold, an intricately embroidered plant with tiny green leaves arced from the back of the collar to the front. Overall, a lovely look in a collection that elevates beachy simplicity to high fashion.

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