Students Risk Danger to Afford NYC

Lara Dreux, Contributing Writer

Tuition in the United States and New York City is infamous for its costly demands. Although financial aid is offered, the application process and requirements often stand in the way of receiving necessary aid. Taxes, for example, are not taken into account when verifying monthly income — a factor which might severely vary depending on the applicant’s country of origin. For example, taxes in Italy — about 50 percent — differ from taxes in the US — about 13.5 percent — resulting in an incomplete perspective on family’s wealth.

So where do people get the money? Recently, more women have been turning to unconventional ways of paying their expenses; they’re becoming sugarbabies. According to The Tab, NYU is among the most common colleges as of 2017 from which sugar babies originate. Sugar babies, by definition, are girls who sell their time and affection to wealthy, older men in exchange for monetary benefits. This relatively new trend has emerged so people can better survive through student debt. About 1,282 NYU students are currently involved in the industry in question, registered on Consider this: How far are students willing to go for the money?

On the brink of prostitution, the sugar daddy industry stands on a fine line between providing one’s time and providing one’s body. Although many of these sites are reputable, sugar babies potentially put themselves in danger of sexual abuse. Meeting strangers in general is equivalent to rendering oneself vulnerable, let alone meeting an individual who demands your attention and affection.

According to a Gothamist article, renowned sugar daddy Lakhinder Vohra was arrested for first-degree rape of a 26-year-old woman in his apartment. Despite the promise of safety by the official website, this proved to not be a guarantee.


At the end of the day, getting involved is a personal decision which must be carefully evaluated. Rape is an undeniable risk associated with becoming a sugar baby. Yet, one’s financial stress may lead them to compromising their safety. Still, some sugar babies find their work empowering. In attempts to stay safe, suggests users take various precautions such as keeping a cell phone at all times, meeting in public locations and informing others about their whereabouts.

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