The Key to Happiness is Appreciating the Little Things


Thomas Price, Staff Writer

Life or the cruel and unforgiving wasteland of heartbreak, animosity and struggle for meaning can sometimes be a tad bit overwhelming. With the wake of such constant reminders of this reality given to us in doses from our friends, family and kindly news sources, it has become far more essential to remind ourselves that enjoying the little flickers of joy and happiness in between the unavoidable void of darkness is still worth it. In fact, enjoying the small things is more important now than ever before.

NYU students live in a constant state of fear and anxiety supplemented by our rigorous course material, high-paced city life and overwhelming financial stress. While it can be easy to focus on such things, perhaps it is time to start noticing the little things. The sweetness of life is made up of the small moments of joy that come to all of us daily. In this city, these little things happen all the time. Even walking the daily commute to classes could be filled with more contentment than one can imagine if we pay attention to the details.

If given the time, stop and listen to the street performers at a park, or perhaps simply breath in the fresh oxygen being expelled by the trees. There is plentiful cheap food that can dazzle the tastebuds and with the constant addition of new and creative places in the city, this trend is sure to continue for a long time. Walking through the parks, sitting down and simply people watching can be a source of excitement as well. From watching skittish freshmen fill the air with the chatter of small talk to the old couple holding hands in silence simply enjoying each other’s company, there is no shortage of fascination.

Life can quite easily become a tragedy filled with existential dread and a deep lack of fulfillment in every step, but the whimsical joy and wonder of the world is still and will always be filling in the cracks in between. There will always be good food and music to fill mouths and ears, just as there will always be art on the walls and smiles to be passed on. And with such greatness filling the cracks, why focus on anything else?

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