You As S/S 2018

Ali Webb, Staff Writer

The open, minimalist structure of Skylight Clarkson Square gives designers an opportunity to morph the environment to fit any  theme they choose, transporting the audience to be fully in the moment. You As did this well with its Spring/Summer 2018 presentation, creating an overall relaxed cool to match the details of the collection.

The room’s lighting was comprised of soft yet bold blues and pinks, setting the mood along with the help of a fog machine and an eclectic, confident-sounding playlist. Models stood on platforms placed strategically amidst the crowd, often interacting with and posing for attendees.

Clothing had balanced, classic and bright colors, with recurring details like denim, yellow as a neutral and shades of blue and green. All models wore casual white sneakers with black heel loops, and many wore large, dark rounded sunglasses with contrasting frames. Hair was done in diverse lengths and textures but maintained a groomed yet tousled look.

Themes of summer escape and travel appeared present in the pieces, many of which had destination names, patterns of tropical leaves or outer space prints. Much of the clothing, including tracksuits, board shorts and lightweight, structured jackets, was also suited for leisurely activity. Several pieces were bedazzled, embracing the deconstruction of gender stereotypes and adding an extra layer of cool with literal sparkle. Clothing had a relaxed fit, but was carefully tailored and styled for a curated effortlessness.

A standout model near the entrance with short brown curls captivated surrounding attendees with his contagious goofy energy. He wore a red, yellow and blue tropical button-down and matching shorts, referencing the new romphim – that’s romper’s for men – trend without literally implementing it. The presentation’s uniform sneakers, sunglasses and a bit of sparkle completed the look along with a grey trenchcoat, which he would open and close as he posed and danced around.

You As is a fairly new capsule brand, but its embracement of modernity and touches of personality seem promising. The clothes are practical, can fit a variety of men and have a subtle yet clear identity, making them likely to become staple statement pieces.

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