Matiere S/S 2018

Thomas Chou, Deputy Features Editor

Matiere – it always sounds better in French, doesn’t it? Matiere, meaning “matter” in English, presented a minimal and modern Spring/Summer 2018 collection featuring futuristic fabrics and textiles. Titled “‘Reflections’ Run of the Show,” the collection featured materials such as Japanese high-shine, waterproof fabric along with Italian reflective bomber fabric. Held at Manhattan’s Cadillac House, the collection was clean and simple while still showing off an edgy side.

Established in 2013 by designers Henry Choi and Scot Shandalove, the Los Angeles based design lab is “continuously evolving the seamless integration of form, function, and comfort into their sleek modern aesthetic with an understated yet refined point of view,” according to their website.

Collaborating with Converse footwear for their show, models were styled cleanly with custom white or black shoes along with their outfit. Despite being comprised mainly of muted colors and tones, the show started off with a bang, featuring three dancers from the Alonzo King LINES Ballet who performed a short sequence of rhythmic dance moves and acrobatics. The show was eye-catching, and notably and refreshingly, Matiere’s S/S 2018 collection shirked typical trends and styles that are over-saturated in the fashion scene today, forsaking them for the ever-fashionable classics instead.

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