Dyne S/S 2018

Sophie Shaw, Beauty & Style Editor

Athletic menswear that’s too cool for gym class defines Dyne’s Spring/Summer 2018 collection. Designer Christopher Bevans, who has designed for Nike, is no stranger to creating high-quality, functional and fashionable menswear. In his new collection, all of the pieces seem practical enough for a quick scrimmage, and stylish enough to wear out. The athletic aspect was also underscored by a sweat-like sheen on the models’ faces and kinesiology tape on legs and arms.

T-shirt, shorts, joggers and sweatshirts made up most of the looks, with tailoring that was simple and easy — nothing was oversized and nothing was too slim. A cropped leg short sleeve gray jumpsuit departed from the other separates.

The use of reflective fabric as accents on some of the pieces also spoke to the functionality and style of the designs. A light gray zip-up jacket had reflective shoulders and bands around the arms. A couple 1/2 sleeve shirts had 1/2 length zippers, but instead of starting at the collar, they began at the hem — a fresh take on a familiar silhouette.

Color blocking made the basic pieces stand out, even as the color scheme wasn’t particularly bright. The more muted shades complemented each other nicely, although a turquoise-fronted windbreaker did catch the eye.

The S/S 2018 collection seemed like basic athletic wear at first glance, but smart and stylish details made it standout overall. For a current and urban version of athleisure, Dyne delivers.

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