New York Men’s Day S/S 2018 Evening Presentations

Private Policy S/S 2018

Private Policy

For the Private Policy Spring/Summer 2018 collection, designers Haoran Li and Siying Qu compiled implemented Native American and Western influences. The non-gendered line included boxy-cut shorts and shirts paired with cowboy boots. A standout look featured an Americana print jacket and shorts set in dusty brown, tan and pink. A couple looks also showed an intriguing mix of metallic rose-toned pieces — a bomber jacket paired with chaps and a button down jacket with slim fit pants.

Descendant of Thieves

Color and print reigned in the Descendant of Thieves S/S 2018 collection. The brand’s signature slim-fit tailoring was put to good use in its pants, button downs and blazers. It was refreshing to see that the more tailored pieces were mixed and matched with the sporty and casual components like bomber jackets and joggers as well, rather than presented as  suits. The artful pattern pairings — organic florals with stark stripes — added dimension and playfulness to the expertly styled collection.


Maiden Noir

Nin Truong’s S/S 2018 collection brought a sense of practicality and exploration to Maiden Noir. Utilizing earthy greens and camouflage prints along with brick red and mustard yellow, streetwear focused on light outerwear layers. Bomber jackets, loose trench coats and airy windbreakers pulled the collection together. The outdoorsy pieces looked urban with clean lines and high-quality textiles.

Life in Perfect Disorder

The small collection of men’s and women’s looks at the Life in Perfect Disorder S/S 2018 presentation kept in line with the ‘90s aesthetic that has become so popular. For the men, a skater style was embraced — a slouchy hoodie, loose windbreaker and checkered print jacket were paired with casual bottoms. One model wore a shirt reading “Trump to America: Drop Dead,” making it clear that the label is comfortable making a statement. Two models wore grungy raw-hem skirts with high slits — one with a simple bralette and the other with a rumpled short sleeve button down.

Heliot Emil

The Heliot Emil S/S 2018 collection presented by brothers Julius and Victor Juul showed combat-focused designs. A cement gray vest resembled one of the bulletproof variety, and an open-chested gray jacket featured a myriad of pockets and straps. A pair of gray-toned camouflage print pants expressed the military influence quite literally, especially since it was paired with combat boots.

R. Swiader

Easy men’s and women’s pieces in black, gray, ivory and white were showcased by their respective color groupings at the R. Swiader S/S 2018 presentation. Sheer shirts along with draped dresses and layers brought an airiness to the collection. There was also a sense of utility brought by overalls, vests and d-clipped straps on apron-like crop tops. The different capsules within the collection showed a range while staying rooted in the same properties.

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