Feng Chen Wang S/S 2018

Liv Chai, Staff Writer

In her Spring/Summer 2018 collection, designer Feng Chen Wang tackled the topic of “Seek[ing] to redefine the ‘Made in China’ stamp.” In doing so, the London-based designer offered a revamped look fit for this generation’s fearless youth.

With the hypnotic chant of a tambourine and the mesmerizing voice of a Chinese singer, the runway opened with a pop of red — a daring statement to commence a show that would serve as an homage to the Chinese designer’s home country. The first look showcased puffy sleeves that reached close to the shoulders of a white t-shirt with “MADE IN CHINA” printed in red, a pairing that appeared to be a nod to both her success in previous seasons and the new theme for her show.

Clean, fresh Jordan Brand 1 Flyknits and Jordan Brand 1 sneakers customized by Wang herself were featured among the neutral tones of mesh jackets and dusters that floated with each stride, a color palette that Feng Chen Wang stated was indicative of China’s rural landscape. A plaid print consisting of deep navy, baby pink and white stood out as the only pattern, making it a showstopper as it glided by as a floor-length coat and appeared effortlessly wrapped around the neck with pink long-sleeved overalls. The stern workwear overalls intertwined with a youthful pairing of sweatshirts and playfully large key chains dangling from belt hooks, with even cheeky plaid popping in between.

Feng Chen Wang’s S/S 2018 collection was refreshing and smart. The use of the “Made in China” slogan was tastefully done, the colors marvelously paired and her signature layering technique added dimension — elements which made the show exquisitely cool.

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