‘I Think of You’ Feels as Salty-Sweet as Summer

Dalton Corr, a Steinhardt Music Business senior, recently released his new single, “I Think of You.” The track combines the sounds of retro classics and modern electronic music for a truly unique experience.
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Steinhardt Music Business senior Dalton Corr’s new single “I Think of You” is a retro-future blend, just sweet and salty enough to be the soundtrack to your summer.

Corr’s voice is confident, straightforward and melodically sad. Lyrics like “In the depths of my despair / no one else is there / I think of you” easily stand out. It’s a song about accidentally falling in love, a reluctant love song whose poppy sound gets in your head and drowns out your thoughts.

The track starts in a mellow groove. With verses that try to capture that soft and muted ‘60s color-TV aesthetics, the song’s electronic chorus is surprising. The reverb and distortion of Corr’s voice create a spacey effect, giving the song a new edge. This darker sound is balanced out with the playful sample of kids yelling “Ayyyy,” reminiscent of MGMT’s “Kids.” While these youthful screams are a bit confusing and disorienting to the song’s established sound, they add moments of snappy flare.

The song ends in a whirlpool of repetition, a swirly melody like that of electric chimes spinning together on a windy day — it’s a sound to get lost in.


Corr’s combination of retro classics and a more modern electronically produced sound is a welcome spin on today’s pop. And while his sound could still be established more completely, really allowing his ‘60s influences to come alive in his music, “I Think of You” is ready for the summer sun.

The track’s official music video will be available April 28. NYU’s Village Records will be hosting a release party at the Chop Suey Club (81 Hester St., New York, NY) that same day at 7 p.m. RSVP here.

Listen to “I Think of You” on Soundcloud, Spotify and Apple Music.

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