Exposure | The People United Will Never Be Defeated

The various protests of the past few months have been heavily documented and will be talked about for generations.


I took these photos at different protests I have attended around the city since the election of our new president. This election has caused unrest around the country and even the world, but it is extremely palpable here in New York City. These photos capture the moments when people decided to fight for their right to live how they want to live. It is these marches, rallies and protests that will be in history textbooks when people look back on these years. I feel extremely fortunate to have the privilege of witnessing history in the making.  

Throughout history, when people have fought for their rights, photos have been taken in those moments that can now transport you to a different era. Even if a moment has passed, a photo provides a snapshot of it and conserves it for the rest of time.

I always have my camera at these protests so that I can bring with me the unrest and fight of the people and show it to later generations. I want them to know that there will be no time for rest until the fight is over, and as of right now, it seems we have a long way to go. However, these protests show that we will continue to fight the entire way. As was chanted at all the rallies I attended: “The people united will never be defeated.”


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