Strike on Syria Was Good Move for United States

Graziella Pastor

While President Donald Trump has been dropping word bombs on the nation since he announced his presidential campaign in 2015, he has most recently been dropping physical ones elsewhere. Recently, President Trump fired 59 tomahawk missiles at a Syrian military base. While his actions have received international praise, the political left is still apprehensive. Many Democrats find the strike hypocritical, in light of the visa ban for Syrian refugees. Others see it as wasteful, useless spending. However, the political and economic repercussions of the Syrian military strike prove that the move was very advantageous for the United States.

Those unhappy with the military mission’s cost can rest assured it was as insignificant to the American defense budget as the drop of an eyelash. According to prices listed in the Department of Defense Fiscal Year 2015 report, the total cost of the mission was around $93.8 million. Meanwhile, the current U.S. military budget is around $584 billion. While the strike definitely did not dent America’s military resources, was it worth the $93.8 million? What has the United States gained from this attack? With a few bombs, the United States has re-established its authority in the world.

With the Syrian bombing, Trump demonstrated a willingness to use military force, sending a very strong message to the world. China was the first to respond. In less than a week, China ceased all coal trade with North Korea. China buys 40 percent of all of North Korea’s coal exports, so this move should destabilize North Korea’s economy. Now, a prominent Chinese newspaper is encouraging the president to cut off North Korea’s oil supply to avoid a “head-on collision” with Trump. Trump’s actions in Syria have reminded the world of U.S. military strength, thus gaining leverage over  North Korea and China.

The United States’ re-established power in the world has already had economic benefits. When President Xi Jinping visited Trump, the two agreed to immediately decrease the gigantic trade surplus China has with the United States.  The latest information on the trade deal displays that China is increasing its quota for American products. By flexing our military muscle, Trump has given the United States economic leverage it has not had in over a decade.

It is important to acknowledge that Trump is capable of making sound decisions. Trump’s actions in Syria were commendable for their positive impact on the Syrian people as well as the United States. Americans should not stand in opposition to this move simply out of bitterness. Unlike the current Democrats in Congress, the American people should be productive and responsive to each political issue. Otherwise, we become roadblocks to positive change for the nation and the world.

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