Lighting up the Night for 4/20

Having recently released his new single, “Something Beautiful,” NYU Songwriting Master’s graduate, Brett Miller, will be headlining “Joint Jams” at the Bowery Electric, April 20.

On April 20, four bands and musicians with NYU roots will take the stage at the classically grungy-but-not-too-grungy, cheap-but-not-too-cheap Bowery Electric in the East Village for the thematically appropriate showcase Joint Jams. The show was organized by headliner and NYU Songwriting Master’s program graduate Brett Miller, who booked a careful selection of colleagues and classmates.

Tiger + Man
This Brooklyn-based electro-acoustic duo first met at NYU in 2012 when Steinhardt alum Tiger Darrow was working on her bachelor’s degree in theory and composition and Steinhardt alum Andrew Orkin was finishing up his master’s in film scoring. Their debut self-titled EP was released in 2015 and embodies more than just this dreamy pair’s sound. Five artists from around the world created artwork inspired by the EP, in addition to three music videos that were released ranging from avant-garde performance art to stop-motion animation. With both electronic and acoustic elements driving the album, Tiger + Man combines human introspection with something galactic and other-worldly. Their performance is sure to be a hit, and fans of this duo must be delightfully curious to hear the set and see how they will recreate their signature sound.

With Snack
With Snack formed in 2012 in the Third North dormitory and made their debut at the 2013 Ultra Violet Live competition, winning Audience Favorite. The group consists of alums Aviv Goldgeier on keys, Evan Lane on trumpet, Nick Dunston on bass, Matti Dunietz on drums and Lauren Scales on vocals. Every member of the band was an NYU undergrad with the exception of Scales, who is currently pursuing a Master’s of Music at NYU, and Dunston, who is a student at the New School. They released their debut EP “Snacktime” later in 2013. The album showcases each member’s jazz and R&B chops through soulful melodies about love and loss. Longtime fans of With Snack might notice the band has switched up their vocalist from Chris Roderick to Lauren Scales, so expect a fresh new face and sound. Based on videos of previous performances, these guys love to jam, turning five-minute songs into 10-minute marathons.


Karina Noel
Steinhardt senior Karina Noel hasn’t graduated yet, but already has a four-song debut EP under her belt. The album, titled “Blue Collar Love,” highlights the wide range of Noel’s delicate and heartfelt voice and maintains a crisp, clear sound while conveying a youthful passion every listener can relate to. The album is a blend of pop and soul, with some hints of jazz sounds as well. A self-taught pianist, Noel writes in her website bio that she composed over 100 songs before she even learned to drive. She is an emerging artist to watch next week to see how her unending desire to make music translates on stage.

Brett Miller
A recent graduate of NYU’s Songwriting Master’s program, Brett Miller is ready to headline next week with a brand new EP’s worth of music to debut. The actual album won’t drop until May, but his newly released single “Something Beautiful” is available on Soundcloud and YouTube. In an interview, Miller said that he is excited to be playing with his new band and to get out from behind his longtime preferred instrument — the ivory keys. He is devoted to his audience and while he is an accomplished pianist, he wants to bring a different kind of freedom and level of performance to his set. A lifelong performer, Miller has honed his musicality and confidence on stage and he’s ready to introduce his new solo career to NYC. He may not have many songs out yet, but “Something Beautiful” represents a mature and soulful optimism delivered with elegant simplicity from someone who occupies the roles of both career musician and emerging artist.

“This evening isn’t really about making a lot of money. It’s just about introducing myself to the audience and New York,” Miller said. “It’s for me an introduction to know that this is happening. I’m just excited for 4/20, you know what I mean?”

“Joint Jams” will take place April 20 at the Bowery Electric at 327 Bowery. Tickets are $10 online and $12 at the door.

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Edit: This article originally listed With Snack’s bassist as Jono Stewart. Since October, the bassist has been Nick Dunston. It also listed Karina Noel as a Steinhardt junior; she is a senior.



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