Langone Expands to Bay Ridge


Adriana Tapia

According to the Brooklyn Eagle, NYU Langone Medical Center is continuing its expansion efforts by adding a site in Bay Ridge. So, the Brooklyn community will have more access to medical care.

Natasha Roy, News Editor

NYU Langone Medical Center is continuing its expansion efforts by adding a site in Bay Ridge, according to the Brooklyn Eagle.

NYU Lutheran houses NYU Langone’s Brooklyn location, which offers home care, a medical center and other services, to its surrounding community.

The Brooklyn Eagle also said that NYU Langone has over 200 sites in the state, mainly concentrated within the five boroughs of New York City.

Media Relations Manager for Ambulatory Care at NYU Langone Deborah Haffeman said that the medical center’s strategy is to substantially increase the amount of ambulatory care and physician recruitment throughout Brooklyn.

“NYU Langone in Manhattan has always had 30 percent of its patient base coming from Brooklyn, so it was important for us to be where people live,” Haffeman said. “NYU Lutheran was a good partner for us, and together, we’re now actively expanding the footprint that focuses on local ambulatory care, and hospital care when needed.”

The first floor of the new building will be ready in early fall and other levels of the building will follow. Haffeman said Langone is also expanding beyond Bay Ridge.

“We’re also expanding on the campus at NYU Lutheran in Sunset Park as part of our larger investment in the community,” Haffeman said. “We’re adding an ambulatory surgical center, a cancer center, endoscopy suite and making upgrades on the hospital and the [Federally Qualified Health Center].”

Haffeman also said that Langone’s Bay Ridge site will have a full array of physicians — including primary care, cardiology and pulmonary specialists, among other types of specialists — as well as a new imaging center.

“We needed a physician office space where there could be a multidisciplinary program for doctors who otherwise practice at NYU Lutheran to have their office-based practice,” Haffeman said. “This particular site was chosen because of its size, proximate location to the NYU Lutheran hospital and its accessibility to public transportation.”

A version of this article appeared in the April 10 print edition.

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