Looking for Summer Housing in NYC?


Alex Muhawi-Ho

For those who want to stay in New York over the summer, NYU provides student housing. However, students can also lease or rent a room.

Caroline Zemsky, Staff Writer

Well, look no further. Here is your ultimate guide to dorms, apartments, or Airbnbs.

Stay in Student Housing

NYU students’ easiest choice is to apply for one of NYU’s residence halls. You have your pick of any one of them, and if you want a meal plan, you can get that, too.  Non-NYU students are also free to use the residence halls, but can’t live in low cost housing, which is only in Palladium and Othmer, or in Alumni. Additionally, traditional residence halls require a meal plan.

All dorms have single and shared room options and cost anywhere from $200 to $400 per week. Meal plans are an additional $140 to $180 per week.

But if you’re sick of dorming at Washington Square, other colleges around the city open their residence halls to NYU students during the summer. The Fashion Institute of Technology has available housing from May 29 – August 12. FIT offers both shared and single apartments at around $4,000 and $6,000, respectively.

Hunter College also has housing available, but only from June 1 through July 28. This is a good option for anyone who is staying in NYC for a month or less. The minimum stay is two weeks and it costs around $350 a week.

Lease a Room from a Friend

If you’re sick of campus housing and want to change it up for the summer, there are tons of other options available. You can often find a good apartment to sublet for the summer. GLS sophomore David Baler plans on subletting his friend’s apartment on 1st Street and 1st Avenue for the summer.

“I’ll pay $1,500 per month, but she’s giving me a friend discount,” Baler said.

If you know any friends who won’t be needing their apartments during the summer, this is a great option! Plus, everyone is more comfortable with friends living in their place than complete strangers. So who knows, maybe they’ll give you a ‘friend discount’ just like Baler.

However, CAS sophomore Agne Numaviciute says you can expect a decent price for a studio to range anywhere from $2,000 to $4,000 per month.

“I feel like around $2,500 to $3,000 is a moderately good price for a studio apartment,” Numaviciute said.

While it does sound a bit pricey, the arrangement is do-able if you’ll only be there for a few months. But it’s easy to easy to get caught up in city spending, so make sure you budget yourself weekly with groceries, shopping and going out. If you’re really struggling, there are plenty of weekend jobs around the city at retail stores or restaurants that are perfect for busy students. This is New York City and those jobs are pretty much always readily available.

Rent a Room Online

Airbnbs are also an option for you. It might be a little harder to find a nice Airbnb for a good price, but they definitely do exist. Gallatin sophomore Maddy Smith has been looking for an Airbnb this summer around the East Village.

“I found one for $2,700 [a month] and I was so surprised,” Smith said. “It was a studio apartment but it’s in a great location and all I’m really going to do is sleep there anyways.

Expect to have trouble finding a cheap yet beautiful and spacious space. This is New York, so nothing comes cheap! But don’t be afraid to settle for a less-than-perfect summer home. After all, there’s plenty to do in the city once school is out, and you’ll likely only be coming back to your room to sleep.

So, whether you want to be in a dorm on campus or around the city, or prefer your own space in an apartment or Airbnb, know that they are out there, and they are reasonably priced if you budget wisely. Happy house-hunting!

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