Lady Gaga Reveals ‘LoveGame’ Was Written About Her Days in Bobst

Andrew Heying, Deputy Opinion Editor

International pop sensation and NYU Tisch alumna Lady Gaga revealed that her 2009 uber-sexual smash-hit single “LoveGame” was written about her days in Bobst Library.

The revelation came while Gaga was doing a radio interview with Ryan Seacrest promoting her current single “Million Reasons.” Gaga described her sexual escapades in NYU’s popular study spot as unforgettable.

“Yes I did go to college Ryan — I went to NYU Tisch,” Lady Gaga said during the interview. “In fact, I have never told anyone this before, but my song ‘LoveGame’ was actually written in NYU’s library — I think it’s called Bobst if I remember correctly.”

Lady Gaga said that one evening of her freshman year as she sat working on her Writing the Essay homework, she saw the most gorgeous man she had ever seen before, which inspired the song.

“I started writing and writing, and before I knew it, the security guard was telling me I either had to leave or move down to the basement,” Lady Gaga said. “By that time, I had been writing for hours, but I knew it was one of my favorite songs I had ever composed”

She then went on to explain the inspiration for her now iconic phrase “disco stick” as also relating to the library.

“I had finished most of the song, but it was still missing something — originally the hook was ‘I wanna take a ride on your stick,’ but I knew that wasn’t catchy enough,” Lady Gaga said as she recounted the song’s genesis. “So I looked out into the library, and I don’t know if it is still like this, but at the time they had all these golden bars running up and down the interior of the library, and there are a ton of windows so the bars reflect light all over. I know it seems crazy but in that moment — after having been writing the song for hours —  the way the light was reflecting off the bars reminded me of a disco ball, and just like that I had the phrase disco stick.”

Although Lady Gaga eventually decided a traditional college education was not for her and dropped out of Tisch, she said that she had a lot of fun inside Bobst during her time at NYU. She went on to explain to Seacrest that she had a habit of hooking up with other students inside Bobst bathrooms.

“It wasn’t just me — everyone was doing it,” Lady Gaga said while laughing. “I would sit there in the library, typing away, and some guy or girl would look at me. We would exchange that nod that everyone does, and the next thing you know, we are going at it in the bathroom.”

Upon hearing this, Secreast seemed shocked and pressed the international pop sensation for details. He inquired as to how this worked out logistically, considering how busy school libraries are. Gaga explained that of course people knew what was happening.

“The thing is, people just didn’t care — including myself,” Lady Gaga said. “I honestly loved the thrill of it, and some would say that I was just born this way.”

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