New Soccer Mommy: Springtime Sadness

NYU artist Soccer Mommy released her new single "be seeing you" on March 22. Her soft rock jam laments being afraid of losing someone.

Soccer Mommy’s new tracks feel like borderline-warm March days — days when the sun hits your forehead but the cool breeze billows up your dress. With sweet and hypnotizing swirls of guitar paired with melancholy “Dear Diary”-esque confessions, she seamlessly pairs bright and cloudy.

Steinhardt sophomore Sophie Allison is Soccer Mommy. With the three stars of the Tennessee flag tattooed above her right knee, Allison’s Nashvillian roots are proudly visible. But her music is far from its southern counterparts — sonically, it draws from more northern sad-pop influences like New York’s Frankie Cosmos and Eskimeaux. Self-described on her Bandcamp page as “chill but kinda sad,” Allison’s milky jams are perfect for early-morning listening under the covers in your bed.

Her latest singles “last girl” and “be seeing you,” which were released March 22, tell stories of feelings and relationships. Backed by a full band, this 7’’ has a much-welcomed layered depth unheard of within the rest of her discography. The first track sings the tune of insecurity and doubt, as the lyrics, full of yearning, focus on her boy’s last girl. The guitar is melodic and the drumbeat is simple, putting Allison’s unique cadence in the driver’s seat.


Shooting from high to low, her voice is muted, calm and reassuring even if the lyrics aren’t. Full of honesty through lines like “why would you still want to be with me / when she’s got everything you’ll need?” “last girl” is a song for young hearts.

“be seeing you” is the reminiscence of a summer’s love. Cute, dreamy and lonely, you could just sway forever in someone’s arms to this song — or maybe, more likely, silent-cry alone to the overwhelming feeling of missing someone.

Both tunes are deep from the heart, unabashedly sad with an undercurrent of high-quality poppy cheer and a clear sign of more gems to come.

Soccer Mommy is playing April 6 at the Mercury Lounge.

A version of this article appeared in the Monday, March 27 print edition. 

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