Staff Rants: Feb. 15-23

WSN Staff

Another week passed before our very eyes, and our staff is bursting with rants once again. Please enjoy.

On Feminism:

As an Indian-American woman, I’m really tired of people shitting on white women who advocate for intersectional feminism. I understand that imperialism and the idea of “white man’s burden” is problematic and demeaning to people from non-Western countries, but white women who stand up for women of color are not practicing white feminism. White women inherently have privilege — that isn’t changing. But when white women use their privilege to advocate for and support women of color, they should not be admonished for it. When they use their privilege for themselves, they’re looked down upon, and when they use it for others, they are still looked down upon. Let white women practice feminism by building up other women. — Natasha Roy, News Editor


Why did America decide that midterms were a good idea? Why does America make everyone say the Pledge of Allegiance every morning like we’re all robots? Is American society based off of “The Giver”? Why did America steal the colors of the British flag? Can someone please explain to me what a midterm is? Why do some people still wear lanyards around their necks? Why do Americans condone lanyards in general? Why did Americans make fanny packs a fashion statement? Why are water fountains so tall? What about people who aren’t giant? — Jemima McEvoy, News Editor

On Midterms:

Can someone please explain to me what a midterm is? Is it any assignment that isn’t a final? Are only tests midterms? Can essays be midterms? When do midterms start? When do they end? Why do people call every graded assignment that happens between week three and week 11 a midterm? Seriously, everyone calling every non-final a midterm is annoying. I don’t want to hear about midterms for more than maybe two or three weeks. NYU students have enough to complain about without adding midterms into the mix. — Sayer Devlin, Deputy News Editor

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