Mimi Prober F/W 2017

Faith Choi, Contributing Writer

Lights dimmed, and the familiar tune “Hallelujah” flooded through the venue as the first model, draped in black, began her walk. With every other step the room became brighter again, eventually bringing the runway to life with both the phosphorescent lights and Mimi Prober’s Fall/Winter 2017 collection. The designs were reminiscent of those from her last season, with the fabric of the black and white dresses woven like an intricate spider web. But she compensated this familiarity with the introduction of a wide range of styles. From a wedding dress or a little black dress to a moto jacket, there were options to suit various occasions.

While the color scheme was limited to off-white, beige, slate gray and black, Prober  occasionally added an interesting touch with hints of color. She displayed this in one dress where, in a sea of black, a small part of the chest was adorned with emerald and gold embellishments.

It is clear that Mimi Prober’s latest collection had matured and grown from her last one. With the designer boldly going forward with new ways to continue her specialty of reusing materials for her designs, she showcased sustainable luxury. When fashion is able to do good not just for the wearer but also the environment, there are no reasons why it shouldn’t be a crowd favorite.

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