Yandy Swim Show 2017

Sherah Ndjongo, Staff Writer

The weather forecast may have anticipated cloudy skies, but at the Yandy Swim 2017 show there was nothing but sunshine and bright lights. Cheerful music blasted overhead as models sporting matching gold chunky chokers, glossy hoops, intricate chandelier earrings and strappy high heels took turns showcasing out-of-the-ordinary swimsuits. Each swimsuit had a unique twist from traditional styles. Unexpected cutouts, high-waisted bottoms, criss-cross straps, off-the-shoulder tops and gold embroidery were just a few details that made simple designs do a 180. Others included gold metal leaf straps, tassels, cropped swim tops with a zipper in the front and the occasional bright flower embroidery.

Yandy also sent pieces down the runway in duos or trios that used the same pattern but varied in styles, a clever way to display the online shop’s ability to accommodate the diverse preferences of their customers. One combination was a basic one-piece and a halter top bikini in navy blue and black that had an eye-catching lion print up front and center intended to make a statement. A trio with a tropical leaf print on white fabric was also memorable because of the cropped jacket paired with the swimwear. Furthermore, there was a lot of mixing and like a heavily printed top paired with a solid bottom and vice versa.

Prints were undoubtedly a strength at Yandy Swim show with the mixture of stripes on stripes and a plethora of geometric shapes, but color blocking also made an impact. A fusion of pink/blue, green/blue and blue/red was spotted in many looks. Throughout the show, the colors seen the most were green, black, red, green and gold.

At Yandy Swim 2017, the swimsuit not only took on new forms, but so did the coverups. Sheer material was utilized to its maximum effect, mesh fabrics were included for a hint of edginess and fringe was basically a necessity. Lace wasn’t left out, either. A white kimono decorated with red flower designs and surrounding floral patterns in vibrant green and blinding yellow stole the show as its light and flowy outline glided down the catwalk.

Nearing the end of the show, nightwear made an appearance. There was a tan slip with a prominently outlined bustier, symmetrical patterns, ribbed straps and lace over-the-knee stockings.

The Yandy Swim 2017 Show was defined by the complex details, interesting designs and, above all, unpredictability — something we’ll never tire of seeing sent down the runway.

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