Nene Shoes 2017 Presentation

The Nene Shoes Presentation at the Salomon Arts Gallery in Tribeca showcased some of the brands most popular designs. The brand, created by husband and wife team Froilan and Jasmine Mendoza, designs matching shoes for women and girls. Since its debut in 2015, Nene Shoes has begun to establish itself in e-commerce. Crafted in Italy, the entire line of shoes is ready-to-wear. Named after the designer’s mother, Mendoza aims to create shoes that both mothers and daughters can wear together. With simplistic silhouettes, each shoe is made for the everyday woman.

The presentation today included a try-on section, with all the shoes being see-now, wear-now. While the presentation was small, it was apparent that the design behind the shoes is thoughtful and practical. With a wide variety of colors and patterned fabrics, the collection has something for everyone.

Showcased along with the shoes were paintings by Evan Sebastian Lagache, an up-and-coming artist, along with a photo exhibit by Mitchel Gray, a photographer who has work published in fashion and beauty magazines such as Vogue. Overall, Nene Shoes demonstrated the creators’ mindfulness in meshing quality and high-standards, while incorporating stylish design elements in their shoes.

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