Libertine F/W 2017

Colors popped and sequins shimmered at the Libertine Fall/Winter 2017 runway show. Designer Johnson Hartig’s strength in designing graphic and bold clothing shined throughout this collection. The main draw was the fabulously adorned outerwear that had playful, sequined graphics covering them like patches.

The collection featured both men’s and women’s looks, neither lacking in sparkle and creativity. While some ensembles relied entirely on metallics or sequins, other were an amalgamation of sparkle, print and color. One men’s look layered sequined shorts over animal print leggings, which was paired with a gray hoodie with “blazed” in a fiery font repeatedly printed on it. A coordinating “blazed” beanie and black sneakers with jeweled details completed the look.

The womenswear featured jackets and coats of various lengths with fun embroidered or sequined graphics. Fur collars and cuffs on some of the outerwear added a touch of luxe. Knee high boots with brightly colored floral embroidery also stood out, complementing rather than clashing with the clothing. A navy blue jacket with silver spider web chains wrapping around it was worn with navy relaxed-cut sequined pants — while not as bright as some of the other looks, it appeared more sophisticated than the tie-dye or other loud prints in the collection.

The mixture of prints and textures was curated in a way that only Hartig can pull off. Evocative of a child who gets to pick out whatever they want to wear for a day, the collection was organic in an exuberant way.


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