iCB F/W 2017

Pamela Jew, Staff Writer

With dry ice misting your face, ICB made you feel like you were climbing a glacier at their Fall/Winter 2017 show. Audience members were taken to new heights with ICB’s mountain trek inspired collection. The presentation featured models on platforms that were switched out one-by-one to feature a total of 20 looks. ICB used an assortment of models, from blonde to brunette and porcelain to ebony, to advocate for diversity and emphasize how the ICB girl can be any girl.

ICB kept a neutral palette with colors resembling chemical elements, such as cobalt blue, sulfur yellow and silver. ICB stayed true to their classic asymmetrical cuts and oversized wear. Silk, satin, and velvet emulated the icy landscape of the mountains. Shearling and alpaca coats imitated the plushy snow, whereas the neoprene structured coats resembled classic mountain-gear wear. All the outfits were paired with strappy heels or heavy duty snow boots from CAT footwear. Most of the outfits switched out the expected belt for a carabiner and rope combo.  

A standout piece amongst the collection was an asymmetrical top layered over a dress, which was then layered over loose, straight-leg pants. The whole look came in an eye-grabbing red, and against the model’s caramel-brown skin, the color popped amongst the shades of black and gray.

With a balanced mix of formal and outerwear, ICB’s F/W 2017 collection suits every girl. So get lost in the clouds and discover yourself with ICB.

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