Gypsy Sport F/W 2017

“In the name of liberty, let us all unite together and fight for a new world,” crooned Gypsy Sport designer, Rio Uribe, before the show began. “There is plenty of room for all of us here, we can make room for each other.”

A red tint flooded the room as a family of New York City street drummers steadily beat on paint buckets, and outdoor tents lined the center of the runway.

Inspired by the resiliency of people who are forced to live on the streets, the F/W Gypsy Sport collection celebrated the outsiders of the world and the lives they live. The collection flirted with underlays of fishnet, multi-colored camouflage, chunky crochet and tie-dye accents. Accessories also played a large role in the presentation of the collection, as many models held rolled up editions of the New York Times and actively took selfies on the runway.

By presenting looks that reflected street functionality such as a coat made from an emergency heat-reflective thermal blanket, the collection also dealt with the lack of fashion luxuries faced by those on the streets whose main goal is to survive. Models donned red, smeared lipstick and unique hairstyles such as floor length dreadlocks or sculpted afros.


Yet, perhaps the most beautiful part of the collection was the variety of models used to present the Gypsy Sport line, a reflection of humanity and love. Uribe summed up his collection by urging people not to despair.

“There is a huge amount of hate passing over us, but it is so afraid of what we can do when we come together,” the designer said.

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