Jenny Levine, Contributing Writer

Coming off his September 2016 debut, Barcelona-based designer Fadel Denibi displayed forward-moving evolution in the time-constraining world of fashion. It took Denibi and his team two months to make a Fall/Winter 2017 collection that matched the excitement his Spring/Summer 2017 collection generated.

The collection featured highly minimal and structured pieces. Instead of loud patterns, there were soft beiges, pastel blues and white. But the muted colors did not equate lack of interest; the designer paid extreme attention to the construction of each piece.

Denibi’s mastery in structure was hypnotic, with a neckline that resembled the Guggenheim and a dress with layered shoulder motifs. Denibi spoke about how his home in Barcelona influenced his collection.

“Barcelona is a very architectural city, it’s very natural,” Denibi said. “I don’t use mood boards or anything like when I walk on the street, I’m inspired.”

The architectural dresses are certainly eye catching, but Denibi’s accessories are also notable. Last season, he created the likeness of a tribal head in shape of a backpack. This season, he brought back the signature bag in a smaller design with a yellow color. Besides the tribal bag, Denibi also unveiled his “Utopia” handbag, a simple bag made from fine leather in southern Spain. They looked divine with the structured clothing from the collection.

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