Hakan Akkaya F/W 2017

Liv Chai, Staff Writer

Hakan Akkaya’s Fall/Winter 2017 collection revolutionized black and white with an emphasis on sporty couture. The show began with the concept of freedom, specifically the question of the freedom people have, “regardless of their religion, race, language, or sex,” as stated in the collection notes. Perhaps the collection embodied Hakan Akkaya’s response to the current political landscape.

With a total of 108 pieces (58 menswear looks and 50 womenswear looks), the Turkish designer kept the looks within a strict black and white color scheme, but far from basic. The play on textures within the seemingly simple color range pushed boundaries.

Makeup was kept to a clean, fresh face with hair glossy and slicked back or floating in ethereal frizziness. An off-the-shoulder layering added an extra dimension to a swanky grey, sequined floor-length slip dress, catching the light and eyes of everyone at the show. Men were seen layering leather body harnesses with puffer jackets, ending in a mitten covered hands. Women wore flared leather pants and flowy metallic dresses with half-zipped zippers as a recurring detail. Complimenting the looks was an equally empowering beat that lended a hand to the strong metallic sequins and metal detailing in the looks.

With a collection that took the basics of black and white and revitalized it, Hakan Akkaya definitely made his point.

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