Desigual F/W 2017

Gabriella Bower, Editor-at-Large

Desigual Fall/Winter 2017 was your inner ’90s Avril Lavigne meets the Olsen Twins fantasy closet. Plaids, fishnets, pageboy hats and puff ball accessories were seen on nearly every ensemble. And the models walked to a modern remix of Aaron Carter’s hit classic “I want candy.”

A standout look was a zebra printed mini skirt, purple fishnets, studded black boots, an off white embroidered sweater and bedazzled turtleneck. To complete the look was an off white jacket and a navy backpack, adorned with puff balls.

Pageboy hats were reinvented and given volume with colored fluff that resembled the puff balls accessorizing each look. Desigual updated the skirt suit and brought up the length about five inches for a younger vibe. Another standout piece was a denim mini dress over a lace peter pan collared shirt and bedazzled choker. Purple fishnets and studded black boots completed this look.

Plaids, florals, lace, animal prints and patterns of all sorts found their place in each ensemble of the Desigual F/W 2017 collection. Why compromise? According to Desigual’s style rules, you can have your rhinestone bedazzled animal print cake and eat it too. This fall, angst is your greatest new accessory.

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