Kamila Daurenova and Polina Buchak

Krista Burton, Contributing Writer

The BERENIK F/W 2017 presentation began with models moving from their grouped standings to create a circle around flooring covered with prints of abstract paintings. They then fell to the ground as two models danced to live music by Marcel Gschwend, who played in the middle. The incorporation of dance into fashion built on the animalistic quality of the show, which designer Veronika Brusa developed from her interest in dreams and meditative abstract painting.

Models had white face paint across the eyes to create the appearance of a mask. Animal fabrics such as green and nude fur, a peacock print and black snake print jacquard balanced with the neutral color pallet, with the exception of green and dusty rose. The trend of velvet continued in both black and gold in the form of cardigans, jumpsuits, shirts and shorts. The entire presentation took on an abstract vision as models performed different forms of dance, from classical ballet to krumping.

The presentation rejected the idea of gender binary with outfits fitting for men, women or those who don’t adhere to either. The usual mold for models were broken with shorter body-types, a variety of ethnicities and even an older woman.

Standout looks included a gold velvet short jumpsuit paired with a black button up and Converse sneakers. It appeared that models brought their own shoes, as they crossed brands, colors and some were only wearing socks. Another exceptional look was a pair of rust colored fitted pants, an off-white oversized sweater, white tennis shoes and black leather gloves. This ensemble was one of many androgynous looks.

The BERENIK F/W 2017 presentation returned humanity to its animal form with genderless looks and a primal tone, and shocked with the outstanding incorporation of dance into fashion.

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