Kenneth Ning F/W 2017

By Michaela Hoffman, Violet Vision Editor

Kenneth Ning’s signature deconstructed menswear made another appearance at his Fall/Winter 2017 show. Ning embraced the technological 21st century by having the show at the Samsung 817 building in the Meatpacking district. The venue itself was very unlike the typical white runway that usually appears at Fashion Week. Bright green and red flashing lights lined the room, which fit in perfectly with the high-tech environment. While the space itself was very tight, Ning still utilized the area well. The models walked up and down flights of stairs, and the majority of the show was projected on a large screen in front of the audience.

While the venue was visually stunning, the clothing mimicked much of what we’ve seen from Ning in the past. Once again, the majority of his clothes were various forms of deconstructed menswear. Loose-fitting dress shirts, jackets and sweaters adorned each of the models. The staple piece in this show was a belt bearing a striking resemblance in design to a harness, which appeared in different parts of the ensembles. Some of Ning’s pieces paralleled typical menswear, like a blue striped shirt and tan trousers that appeared on one model. Other sweaters and jackets, in different neutrals and mustards, were also mixed in with the collection. Those pieces, ranging from a navy and mustard-striped sweater to a black metallic puffer jacket,  seemed to draw upon pieces popularized in the ’90s.

Overall, Kenneth Ning’s F/W 2017 show was both a tribute to our digital age and a nod to past fashion trends.

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