Zachary Prell F/W 2017

Gabriella Bower, Editor-at-Large

Zachary Prell’s fall/winter 2017 collection was once again a showcase of monochromatic harmonies. The collection displayed a new way for men to structure his everyday business uniform. However, the buzz of the room and blaring music were not music to my ears.  

Monochrome, an essential for this menswear designer, added to the structure of every look. Wine, navy, charcoal and black were the primary hues of this collection. And rather than the untucked shirts and loose fitting sweaters we are used to from seasons past, Prell focused on tailoring for this season. Overall his collection exuded a business casual aesthetic.  Additionally, nearly all the models were topped with a short brimmed floppy hat.

As fashion week begins to rely more heavily on presentations, the layout of the room is more important than ever. This season, Prell chose to have individual blocks in rows and columns in the center of the room. Guests were able to weave in and out or congregate in the back and front, making it difficult to appreciate the clothes in all their glory. All in all, Zachary Prell’s fall/winter 2017 collection was a refreshing departure from previous seasons and will certainly inspire the modern man to find a single color and stick to it.

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