Nick Graham F/W 2017

By Michaela Hoffman, Violet Vision Editor

Nick Graham took his audience on a trip to space in his Fall/Winter 2017 collection titled, “Life on Mars: Fall/Winter 2035.” Graham’s themed shows in the past have always been over-the-top, exciting and engaging to the audience. It was hard to compete with his Spring 2017 show celebrating 1958 in Havana, Cuba, but this show did not disappoint. The space, appropriately decorated for the occasion, was illuminated with blue, green and purple lighting, as well as a video of our galaxy projected on a wall. Graham also set the mood with music ranging from David Bowie to compositions reminiscent of “Space Odyssey: 2001.”

Each model in the show was decked out in Graham’s signature formalwear, but each suit had its own distinguishing accessory. Graham’s featured suits, outerwear and accessories came in a variety of materials like sharkskin and cashmere, all in various shades of metallic. While many suits had an undeniable intergalactic feeling to them, some wools and wool-blended tailored clothing were also featured. He tied each look together with various accessories draped on the models such as ski goggles and ascots.

Graham stated some of his inspirations for this collection were Carl Sagan, David Bowie and Bill Nye, who introduced the show with a Mars monologue and walked the runway in a customized metallic suit. Graham also cited Buzz Aldrin as a major inspiration for his collection. The title of this show pays homage to his idea that we can land people on Mars by 2035. Aldrin himself walked in Graham’s show, decked out in metallic bomber jacket, black dress pants, and a t-shirt reading, “Get Your Ass to Mars!”

“I’m a true admirer of Aldrin, not only what he achieved in the Apollo 11 mission, but also for his continuing enthusiasm to promote space travel, particularly to Mars. Besides “Mars is the new Black”, and we want to be on trend.” Graham said.

Nick Graham’s show was, certainly, out of this world.

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