“Girls” Attracts More Than Just Girls


Kevin Jiang

Actor Jon Glasier, who plays Laird on “Girls”, answering questions at the screening in Kimmel on Tuesday.

Ryan Mikel, Contributing Writer

NYU’s Student Resource Center welcomed students and “Girls” back to New York City on Tuesday, Jan. 31. SRC collaborated with HBO to present a screening of the show “Girls” followed by a Q&A with cast members Alex Karpovsky and Jon Glaser. The event was an undeniable success, with a line so long it wrapped around almost four flights of stairs in the Kimmel Center for University Life. Whether it was the show’s cast or the promised complimentary Shake Shack, the event — a part of SRC’s Spring Welcome — brought in a large and enthusiastic crowd.

SRC kicked off the evening with a game of “Girls” trivia, featuring both familiar and specific questions to differentiate the casual viewers from superfans. For instance, an overwhelming amount of students knew that character Shoshanna Shapiro was an NYU grad, but only one audience member guessed that her major was Media, Culture and Communications. Winners went home with HBO goodie bags.

Following the trivia, the trailer for the sixth — and final — season of the HBO hit was screened, followed by the preceding season’s finale. Titled “I Love You Baby,” the episode follows the four titular “Girls” as they encounter new challenges and begin new ventures. While Marnie embarks on tour with Desi as the opening act for The Lumineers, Shoshanna finds success in her job at Ray’s coffee shop. Jessa and Adam engage in a tumultuous fight after breaking their respective best friend and ex-girlfriend Hannah’s heart, and Hannah does an emotional open-mic performance at The Moth’s StorySLAM. Following this bittersweet scene, the episode ends on a hopeful note, showing Lena Dunham’s character Hannah determinedly marching to Frankie Valli’s “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You.”

Karpovsky and Glaser (who play Ray and Laird, respectively) then took the stage alongside Steinhardt senior Avia Hawkins, who led the Q&A. The comical Glaser wore a “Nasty Woman” t-shirt and joked with the audience, “It seems really weird that two guys are doing a ‘Girls’ panel.” Questions from Hawkins touched on the actors’ creative processes and their additional talents in directing and writing. Karpovsky spoke of his behind-the-camera work on “Girls”, while Glaser discussed co-writing and co-directing Adult Swim’s “Delocated.”

After Hawkins’ questions, the floor was opened to the audience. Karpovsky and Glaser spoke about their characters, working with Lena Dunham and HBO, filming sex scenes and what is to come for their respective careers. Notably, Karpovsky described why he loves the characters on the show. “They are flawed, sheltered, and myopic in many ways. ‘Girls’ is not a portrait of four perfect people,” Karpovsky stated. “‘Girls’ led the way for other shows that are not polished, but stripped down.”

Set in New York City and featuring a cast and crew of NYU grads, “Girls” was a perfect match for NYU’s Spring Welcome. The sixth and final season of “Girls” premieres Feb. 12 on HBO.

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