Carlos Campos F/W 2017

Kaitlyn Wang, Co-Managing Editor

From walking to New York City from his homeland of Honduras at the age of 13 to his collections walking the runway at NYFW, Latino designer Carlos Campos has come a long way.

In his Fall/Winter 2017 collection, Campos sent simple, layered looks down the runway, with pops of softer colors like mustard yellow, baby blue and light pink contrasting the darker colors of traditional fall/winter wear. Campos doesn’t create anything particularly show-stopping with this collection. Yet there was something special about the softness of the colors he chose.

The show opened with a mustard yellow ensemble, with wide-leg trousers paired with a blue button-down and a statement collared jacket. The jacket, although mostly matching perfectly with the hue of the trousers, also incorporates navy, gray and pink in a color block pattern. Certainly, the show started off with a bang, pairing colors that layer well together.

Despite the strong entry and beautiful flow of many of Campos’s outerwear cuts, much of the rest of the collection was subtle.

But Campos still knew how to close the show strong. His final outfit, a baby pink duster coat with gold decal paired with a patterned sky blue button-down, a white shirt and gray trousers, was able to pull together the muted palette that resonated throughout the entire collection. Interesting and unique, that outfit will undoubtedly stay in viewers’ minds.

In spite of the show’s overall simplistic and unexciting outfits, the atmosphere was infectious. Colombian singer and rapper J. Balvin sat raptly in the front row, wearing a khaki cargo cape from one of Campos’s previous collections, and the beat of the music kept the audience excited and their attention focused.

Campos, despite the slight blandness of the collection, was able to focus the colors and silhouettes of his clothing to recreate the soft, earthen tones of his inspiration — the layered colors of the Argentinian landscape. Although the outfits might not warrant a second glance on the street, pulled together, Campos created a muted but nevertheless beautiful collection that highlights the classics of a fall collection but adds a certain softness that the season does not usually know.

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