New Cookie Dough Shop Is DOlicious

Cookie DŌ NYC can be found at 550 LaGuardia Place.

We all remember snacking on cookie dough as a kid, sneaking licks off baking spoons despite warnings of salmonella, because, let’s face it: cookie dough is always best before it enters the oven. Luckily, a new dessert shop opened this week that satisfies that craving without the danger. Just a two-minute walk from Washington Square Park, DO Cookie Dough Confections sells cookie dough that is completely risk-free, replacing typically unhealthy ingredients with completely safe alternatives.

While DO’s Greenwich Village location just opened this past Wednesday, many NYU students such as CAS freshman Izzy Vidal. were already familiar with the brand via social media.

“I’ve been following DO on Instagram for a while now,” Vidal said. “And when I heard that they were opening a store right by campus I had to give it a try.”

But would the coveted confection live up to the hype? The atmosphere of the shop is clean and colorful, although the limited space proved to be a slight issue when having to squeeze past other customers to get in line. A highlight of the store’s layout was that customers could watch the bakers preparing the cookie dough through a large window peeking into the kitchen.


The extensive selection of flavors is sure to make you excited; you name it, DO’s got it. At only $4 for a generous scoop it was worth the money to get four flavors: signature chocolate chip, gimme s’more, vegan chocolate chip and cake batter, a seasonal flavor. The diversity of avors and the inclusivity for different dietary restrictions is a great feature of this shop.

However, despite DO’s notability as a creator of excellent cookie dough, it was surprising and a little disappointing to nd that some avors are far more popular than others. The signature chocolate chip and cake batter flavors immediately surpassed high expectations with their perfect consistencies and classic tastes. They really are reminiscent of the Toll House cookie dough memories from childhood, only this time you can devour cookie dough to your heart’s content without worrying about food poisoning. These are definitely must-try flavors.

The other two flavors, however, did not quite deliver. The gimme s’mores flavor was scarcely mastered in pseudo-s’mores baking renditions. Although the dough was tasty, the flavor was virtually non-existent. Similarly, the vegan chocolate chip flavor was dry and crumbly, which made it difficult to scoop out and did not mimic the consistency of conventional cookie dough – although vegan cookie dough’s consistency is always crumbly due to the absence of eggs in the recipe. In addition, the dough had a strange aftertaste that the classic flavors did not. Although it is not a bad vegan dessert, there are better options for vegans to satisfy their sweet tooth.

Although some flavors miss the mark, as a whole the shop succeeds in creating safe-to-eat cookie dough that tastes as delicious as it sounds. While sticking to the simple flavors and spooning right out of the container is the way to go for cookie dough purists, adventurous eaters can consume their flavor of choice on top of ice cream, in milkshakes and more. All in all, dessert lovers and nostalgic foodies alike are likely to make DO their new obsession.

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