March into Feminist Fashion


Photo by Abigail Weinberg

The “Nasty Woman” t-shirt is inspired by a comment Donald Trump targeted at Hillary Clinton on the election trail.

By Pamela Jew, Staff Writer

On Jan. 21, millions of Americans across the country donned their feminist apparel and marched in protest of newly inaugurated President Donald Trump’s rhetoric and actions.

These national marches, known as “Sister Marches”, were inspired by the Women’s March on Washington. With nearly five million participants, these protests were the biggest to date in the United States and the resistance doesn’t stop there. Many feminists — women, men, people of color, members of the LGBTQ+ community and others — banded together to express their opposition to all that the Trump administration represents, and wore clothing that advocates women’s rights while doing so.

Feeling inspired by the signs and chants from the recent Women’s March? There are plenty of fashionable ways to show your feminist pride!

Planned Parenthood

If you’re looking for classic slogans, look no further. Planned Parenthood’s apparel gets straight to the point with T-shirts bearing “I Stand With Planned Parenthood”. All proceeds go back to Planned Parenthood, which needs monetary support after Trump’s executive order to defund it.

Feminist Apparel

This website has every T-shirt a quirky feminist could dream of. The T-shirts cover topics ranging from catcalling to equality in the workplace and to overall empowerment. The site also has a section to shop for causes like the African American Policy Forum, the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media and Hollaback! They’ve even got a “FeministBox”, which has every product you could possibly need for your next protest. The gift box includes two T-shirts, a pair of socks, a coloring book and a few other knick knacks to promote body positivity, self care, and girl power.

The Wing

What started as a women’s club has turned into a movement for the Wing, which brags of members such Elaine Welteroth, editor-in-chief of Teen Vogue. Along with their groundbreaking modern women’s club near Gramercy Park, the Wing runs an online store that sells everything a modern feminist could want. They’ve got stationery, pins, keychains and apparel. Their “Girls Doing Whatever the Fuck They Want in 2017” key chain is a fan favorite.


The famed reviver of “The Future is Female” t-shirt, Otherwild has a store in New York only 10 blocks from campus (plus  two stores in Los Angeles). Their store space also includes their design studio and a platform where Otherwild hosts tons of workshops and events. They’ve also got an online store which has apparel and accessories.

A version of this article appears in the Monday, Jan. 30 print edition. Email Pamela Jew at [email protected]