PREMIERE: Clive Davis’ Murielle Drops ‘Walking Out That Door’


via soundcloud

NYU artist Murielle released her much-anticipated single “Walk Out That Door” today in collaboration with fellow students at Village Records.

Lexi Riesenberg, Contributing Writer

A self-proclaimed globe-hopper, Murielle has been all around the world and heard all kinds of music. Now, she’s ready for the world to hear her.

Born in Belgium, raised in both Minnesota and Virginia and most recently based in London, 19-year-old singer-songwriter Murielle calls New York City home as she pursues her passion for R&B and neo-soul music at NYU’s Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music. She’s performed at well-known local venues like The Bitter End and Babycastles. Now, in collaboration with NYU’s student-run record label Village Records, she’s releasing her newest single, “Walking Out That Door.”

Drawing from R&B grooves and the Afrobeat vibes of her Congolese roots, “Walking Out That Door” is Murielle’s personal take on the classic girl-walks-out-on-guy pop anthem. It’s no wonder she was inspired by the likes of Beyonce, Michael Jackson and Lauryn Hill growing up; you can hear the soul pouring out of her voice as she sings, “You broke my heart / and I know we fell apart / so I’m walking out that door now.”

Her strong lead vocals are backed up by expertly-placed, luscious harmonies which only add to the fullness of the track’s sound. The melody of the chorus is extremely catchy, so for people who might consider themselves musically challenged, don’t worry — you can easily sing along to this one. Check out her self-written, self-arranged and self-produced track below!

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