Post-Its With Swastika, ‘White Pride’ Found on Gramercy Door

The post-it notes covering Anastasiya Muravyeva's door on Nov. 17 displayed rhetoric commonly employed by white nationalists, like "white pride" and "make America white again."

At around 11 a.m. today, students living in the Gramercy Green residence hall found four hand-written sticky notes on their door displaying pro-Donald Trump rhetoric. Three of the notes read: “Trump,” “White Pride” and “Make America White Again.” The fourth bore a drawing of a swastika.

Steinhardt sophomore Anastasiya Muravyeva saw the notes on her door this morning and posted a photo to a Gramercy Facebook group and on her own Facebook timeline.

“To whoever did this to my door today, joke or not, I am not laughing,” she wrote in the timeline post. “My Jewish and homosexual roommates are not laughing. Nobody is laughing.”

Shortly after finding the notes, Muravyeva alerted NYU Public Safety and filed a police report. The NYPD’s Hate Crimes Task Force also came to the dorm to speak with her about the incident.


“My Residence Director just asked me to take the photo down from the group page so it won’t trigger anyone in the community,” Muravyeva said. However, she made the post on her own Facebook timeline public.

Similar messages on the same colored post-it notes were found on doors of the 14th floor, reading “White Lives Matter Too.”

Trump’s election as president last week has sparked incidents like these across the nation — including the vandalism of the prayer room at the Tandon School of Engineering. In an email to the NYU community earlier this week, President Andrew Hamilton called behavior like this “unacceptable.”

University spokesperson John Beckman said the post-it comments were vile as well as racist, and the university is shocked by these messages. He said that this kind of “appalling behavior” has no place at NYU, and the university will not tolerate abuse or intimidation of community members.

“We have brought in the NYPD to investigate and will assist them in any way possible with their investigation,” Beckman said. “NYU will remain focused on the safety, well-being and support of our students, and on fostering a diverse, inclusive and respectful community in which these kind of cowardly, ghastly, anonymous actions have no place.”

He said that the university has offered support to the rooms’ occupants. We will update the story as more information becomes available.

Additional reporting by Paris Martineau. Email Sayer Devlin and Diamond Naga Siu at [email protected]



  1. Here’s a Jewish student caught drawing swastikas on her own door after filing a highly publicized police report.

    This stuff is so easily falsifiable that it’s ridiculous to waste much time on it. It’s unlikely that anyone at NYU would do this, especially the white nationalists and white supremacists among us who have “tactfully stayed so well-hidden for so long” to take such a risk of exposure. And nobody with that effeminate of penmanship would espouse the beliefs associated with what was written.

    This was clearly a hoax generated by people who want the public perception to be that “whoahhh hate is on the rise!”

    Here’s some false hijab pulling reports:

    This is the tip of the massive iceberg comprised of paid protesters inciting riots, staged filmed encounters with “bigots,” and even goading physical violence from the mentally unstable. The only thing any critical thinker can really truly believe anymore is a public, filmed act of violence with an accompanying police report.

    Left-leaning students are doing these passive, erasable and post-it “hate vandalism” hoaxes. Which is irresponsible because if indeed Trump’s America actually was as horrible and bigoted as it’s being made out to be, real and far more egregious crimes may go unnoticed or met with heightened skepticism.

  2. Hate to be a cynic but I think the girls may be lying. If you notice the handwriting on the “make America white again” and their name tags, it matches — specifically the “g” (see “Sage” and “again”). There are other similarities and oddities as well.

  3. Anyone who has lived in an NYU dorm would know that you don’t write your own name tag on the door, which actually makes the situation scarier if an RA was involved..

  4. Yeah….there’s been a number of incidents similar to this involving young people that were committed by the so-called victims. I’m just not buying it. Sounds REALLY contrived.

  5. The MAGA and Trump postits are in blue ink with female hand writing. The others are in black what male hand writing. I don’t see the connection.

  6. This is another hoax where the “victims” are the perpetrators. It’s politically motivated and should be investigated and treated with severity. These hoaxes are attempt to convince their compeers that we are living under fascism and thus something must be done. But what must be done is these wolf-criers need to be punished for scamming the entire community with their politically motivated lies. If they don’t feel “safe,” they may want to check in with a psychologist. I wouldn’t feel safe occupying such a paranoid mind either.


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