New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

The faculty has expressed their dismay regarding Charles Murray’s event on campus. Many have chosen to undersign the document to show their support of the letter.

Charles Murray’s Upcoming Talk Prompted Faculty Letter to Hamilton

Htoo Min, Deputy News Editor March 24, 2017
Almost 150 faculty members of color signed a letter to President Andrew Hamilton and Provost Katherine Fleming expressing their concern over Charles Murray's planned speech.
Our Current Understanding of Sanctuary Campuses is Flawed

Our Current Understanding of Sanctuary Campuses is Flawed

Henry Cohen, Staff Writer March 8, 2017
NYU does not have the authority to defy the federal government, and barring future court rulings regarding the deportations and the travel ban it is likely that it never will. Instead of trying to turn the university into a sovereign entity within the state of New York, these misguided protesters would be better off using their time and resources to combat unjust travel bans in a more informed, constructive context.
A speaker talks at the Kimmel Center for University Life, as part of the Sanctuary Campus movement, Wednesday. Tension has been growing among students as NYU President Andrew Hamilton has failed to declare the university a sanctuary campus for undocumented students in response to the hard-line immigration policy being implemented by U.S. President Donald Trump.

Sanctuary Campus Movement Takes to the Kimmel Stairs

Téa Kvetenadze, Contributing Writer March 2, 2017
NYU Sanctuary Campus held a rally in Kimmel before heading to President Andrew Hamilton's town hall to advocate for NYU to become a sanctuary campus.
Since the walkout in November with NYU student speakers like GLS sophomore Felipe Gomes, more people have joined the fight to make NYU a sanctuary campus.  NYU alumni began a petition to send to NYU President Andrew Hamilton once it receives 1,000 signatures.

NYU Alumni Advocate for Sanctuary Campus Status

Natasha Roy, News Editor March 1, 2017
NYU alumni are leading the charge to make NYU a sanctuary campus. Gallatin alumni Carly Krakow and Bailey Theado brought the movement to NYU and are now convincing faculty to join the cause.
NYU alumni have started a petition demanding for NYU to be a sanctuary campus. So far, the petition has 513 signatures with a goal of 1000.

Reviving Refugees: Students Still Want Sanctuary Status

Kate Holland, Contributing Writer February 24, 2017
After the 2016 presidential election, students and faculty are fighting harder than ever to have NYU designated as a sanctuary campus.
A sanctuary campus protest occurred in Washington Square Park, Jan. 25 2017. Since the election of Donald Trump in November, the NYU community has pressured  administration to declare NYU a sanctuary campus.

NYU Organizations Offer Safe Spaces for Students Affected by Travel Ban

Natasha Roy, News Editor February 23, 2017
To compensate for the fact that NYU is not a sanctuary campus, several NYU organizations have been taking steps to protect students affected by President Donald Trump's travel ban.
NYUSJP gets an anonymous letter threatening to disclose club members’ personal information to American and Israeli federal agencies.

Anonymous Letter Threatens NYUSJP Members

Jemima McEvoy and Natasha Roy February 10, 2017
NYU Students for Justice in Palestine received an anonymous letter threatening members of the clubs and their families.
Stop with the Empty Promises, NYU

Stop with the Empty Promises, NYU

WSN Editorial Board February 10, 2017
NYU's administration has a bad habit of reneging on its promises. Although, this trend seems less damning with minor issues, failing to live up to one's commitments on matters of import can dramatically affects students' lives.
Letter to the Editor: NYUs (Non)Sanctuary Campus Status

Letter to the Editor: NYU’s (Non)Sanctuary Campus Status

Students for NYU Sanctuary Campus January 30, 2017
With the executive orders on immigration, the need for NYU to declare a sanctuary campus is more critical than ever.
Despite the large walkout in Washington Square Park in November, NYU is still not officially a sanctuary campus.

NYU Still Not a Sanctuary Campus

Natasha Roy, News Editor January 30, 2017
Despite President Andrew Hamilton's letter after the sanctuary campus walkout in November, NYU has not been declared an official sanctuary campus. NYU Sanctuary, a coalition of students and faculty, is working to change that.
NYU is under constant pressure from its students and administration to analyze the discrimination and diversity problems on campus.

Andrew Hamilton Affirms Support for Undocumented Students

Sayer Devlin and Jemima McEvoy December 1, 2016
Andrew Hamilton sent around a letter to students about NYU being a sanctuary campus all students, regardless of documentation.
We Must Move Beyond #SanctuaryCampus

We Must Move Beyond #SanctuaryCampus

WSN Editorial Board November 21, 2016
Instating programs like these would allow students to receive the support they need in the face of potential federal persecution.