Exposure | Day Wave at Baby’s All Right

By Polina Buchak, Deputy Multimedia Editor

I think it was after going to Billboard Hot 100 Music Festival last summer that I truly understood the power of live music. I commute to Brooklyn every day, therefore the only companion I have is Spotify. As soon as I plug in my headphones, it’s up to the chosen artists  to set the mood for the next 20 minutes. I found out about Day Wave (@daywave) through a really good friend of mine – fortunately just in time for the band’s mini tour that was having a concert in New York at Baby’s All Right venue. On the day of their performance, this past Monday, I clicked shuffle and listened to their songs from the famous “Drag” to my now favorite “Total Zombie”. The soothing, 80s-influenced, atmosphere-setting melodies transformed my usual swamped day into a completely heartwarming and uprising memory. Having the chance to meet Jackson Phillips, the lead singer, along with his band and experience the familiar tunes live was the highlight of the day. Lesson learned – if New York gets too chaotic, leave it to Day Wave to bring back the peace and contentment within you.

Listen to Day Wave’s latest release “Wasting Time”